Vision & Mission


We, the members of St. Michael’s College community, animated by the Ignacian spirituality, witness to the compassionate love of Jesus Christ, empower and nurture individuals into becoming competent and responsible citizens towards social transformation for the common good.


We commit ourselves to:

  1. Grow in discernment and interior freedom to be prophets of hope in today’s world;
  2. Continuously form Ignacian Marian leaders who witness to faith, excellence and service in varied socio-cultural settings;
  3. Constantly pursue innovative programs, approaches and educational strategies to develop world-class professionals;
  4. Build up resources and capabilities to respond to contemporary issues towards enhancement of quality life, and;
  5. Expand our educational thrust for the poor.


Formation of proficient graduates who are transformative agents committed to build a compassionate and loving community.


  1. Lead a life guided by Gospel values and Ignacian Marian virtues characterized by an active commitment and involvement in Christ’s salvific mission;
  2. Participate actively in community building and contribute the best of who and what he/she is towards social transformation for the common good;
  3. Render life-giving, humble service and share in the advocacy for peace and preservation of life; and
  4. Enhance one’s personal and professional growth and development for greater service to humanity and for God’s glory.